How Can You Clean Old Fashion Pictures?


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There is more then one way of cleaning and maintaining your old pictures. I suggest you do not clean your old pictures very rigorously. If you want your pictures to last for the next generation and for years to come, I would suggest that you do not use any acid based products for the cleaning up of your old pictures.

You can use a soft sweatshirt, flannel clothing, tissues or paper towels. Even though, these are the most easily accessible in your house, you must go in for something more viable and a special photo safe cleaning cloth. My pick is "Googalies". Googalies is a revolutionary product. it effectively wipes out the oily fingerprints and scratches of the photograph. To preserve photographs, keeping them clean is very important. Sometimes there is fungus on the photographs due to humidity which causes mold to grow. Wiping the picture clean before preserving and after regular intervals is very essential.
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I have a large ink stain on a 70 year old photo what is a likely solution to use ?
Thanking you in anticipation ES

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