How Can I Clean Wax Covered Brass Candlesticks?


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Before you clean the candlesticks you will have to get rid of the wax. There are two ways of doing this. The first is to melt off the wax, but holding the wax to a candle is messy and can take a long time.
The best way to do it is to freeze the candlesticks overnight and by morning, the wax will easily crack and can be quickly removed.
To clean the actual candlestick, either you can use a proprietary brass cleaner, or you can rub the sticks with half a lemon which has been dipped in either salt or vinegar. You should then wash the brass in soapy water and finally polish it off, to a fine shine.
The lemon is obviously the natural solution, but the proprietary cleaner will actually work out cheaper in the longer term (unless you have a spare half lemon resting in your fridge)
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Wear thick rubber gloves to protect your hands. Pour boiling water over the candlestick into a disposable plastic bucket, then rub the remaining wax off the hot candlestick with paper towels.

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