How Can I Clean Silver Plated Ware?


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Silver plated objects are made out of base metals such as copper and then a thin coating of silver is deposited on this copper ware with the help of an electrolytic procedure. The first and foremost point to be remembered while cleaning silver is to never put it in a dishwasher. It has to be cleaned by the hand and requires concentration, patience and time. Therefore whenever you want to clean silver plated objects take care to ensure that you are not in a hurry to get back to anything else.

Do not use harsh detergents and unknown polishes to clean silver. Silver plated ware has to be saved from tarnishing. Contact a nearby hardware store and seek their advice as to which polish should be used to clean silver. Be very careful while polishing silver plated objects and it is better to do it with the help of an old rag and unused piece of cloth. Use it every day and maintain it properly which would save it from tarnishing and getting spoilt easily.

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