How Can I Remove Dirt From Walls?


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This might sound obvious, but how you go about removing dirt from your walls depends on the type of dirt and the type of walls in question.

Usually, a simple mixture of hot water and soap applied with a light dishcloth will remove most dirt. For other approaches, read on.

How to get dirt of your walls

The first question to ask yourself is 'what type of wall am I dealing with?'

Most walls are painted using either latex or alkalyd paint, and each will need a different approach. (Needless to say, if you're talking about dirt on wall paper then that is a whole other issue.)

Tips for cleaning your walls
I find that the easiest way to remove the dirt from walls is by mixing water and ammonia in a bucket. Simply dip a scrubbie or a rag in the mixture and wipe of the areas that have become dirty.

A mixture of warm water and Surf detergent is another often suggested method for cleaning dirt stains of walls.

The other ways to remove dirt easily from the walls is by using enamels. There are three kinds of enamels you can apply to your walls:

  • baked
  • epoxy
  • automotive paints enamel.
These enamels are effective because they prevent dirt from surfacing through them.

One final option is to clean your walls by using various stain removers directly.
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I find that the best way to remove dirt from grubby walls is a Magic Eraser (not sure of the brand name).

It's a spongy square, apparently covered in microfibres, and removes dirt with ease, and requires very little scrubbing.
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Aisha Ali answered
The best way to remove dirt from your walls is to clean them daily with a good material. Don't worry - your wall dirt is removed ok.
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The best way to remove the dirt from the wall is to repaint the wall,otherwise you can clean it with the help of linen cloth.

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