Is It Safe To Drink Water From The Bathroom Sink?


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The safety of tap water depends on your area whether you drink it from any tap in the house. But in most built up areas, suburbs and cities, with mains supply the water is treated in such a way that it is unlikely to pose any real risk to human health. Many people do drink tap water and show no ill effects. Main water is typically drawn from surface lakes or reservoirs or underground aquifers. It is then filtered, particles are removed by coagulants, pathogens are killed using chlorine. Some people argued that chlorine or copper from the pipes distributing the water may not be good for long term health but there is no strong evidence to support this given the low levels presenting tap water although some sources suggest always drinking from a cold tap as there will be less copper in the water.

Tap and bottled water is held to the same safety standard and blind taste tests in Britain and America have shown that the two are not easily distinguished. One very real risk in houses built before 1970 is that they may have lead water pipes, lead is harmful even in small quantities especially to children.
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Yes, because it is just the same as drinking out of a water bottle. Its clean, tastes fine and defiantly doesn't have any big peices of sewed, dirt, or bugs big enough that we can see
them. So I say that it's o.k.
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It also depends on the fixtures (pipe and the faucet). I am looking for the faucet standard for bathrooms, didn't find one.
I wouldn't drink water in the bathroom.
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Yeah it is. You wash your hands with it, don't you?! On Friday night, I went out to ice cream with my two friends and one of my friend's boyfriend. We were so thirsty 'because we went to a giant maze made out of corn! I was eating ice cream and I couldn't take it anymore so I went to the bathroom and just drank right out of the sink, lol!!!!!!
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It isn't recommended to consume straight tap water until boiling it first

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