How Do You Re-enamel A Bath Tub?


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Generally the bath tub is used for comfortable bathing. It usually has a body of acrylic, fiberglass or porcelain-coated steel. Re-enamelling a bath means painting it or re-glazing the old bath or resurfacing it. One can buy a new bath or simply re-enamel it. The latter is inexpensive as compared to the former.

In this process one makes use of a spray gun. One can apply synthetic porcelain to the bath with the help of this gun. Thus, this gives an even-finish to the bath. If the bath was resurfaced earlier then, first you have to remove the earlier enamel and then go for a re-glaze. This extra process will take the costs higher.

One must choose a resurfacing service company and consider all the costs involved in the process. One must get information regarding the guarantees of the re-enamel and the consistency of the costs.

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