Do You Get Cleaner Taking A Bath Or A Shower?


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A shower is definitely cleaner because fresh water is pouring down on you and then down the drain as opposed to a bath where you are sitting in a pool of dirty water.
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I do both and nothing beats a soak in the tub for us girls with candles,shower for me when rushing but if I have time it is a soak in the tub and I feel clean never had any complaints smile...haha I don't smell myself so I must be clean....You Think....hahahaha
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Shower because in the tub your in dirty
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Shower although I take a bath. But when I was at my Nanny's I took a shower and it felt good.

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I like the shower better ,the dirty water goes down the drain compared to a bath when you're sitting in it.
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Pamela Krueger
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Does make sense but still enjoy a hot bath when it's cold outside.
Glen Thornbury
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How cold is it in Az. Kid? Maybe when you were at the College close to Flagstaff, but in Phoenix come on I've worked there Kid

Render Blender
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It gets below freezing in winter, even in Phoenix.
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jackie answered
I enjoy both but I think the shower makes you cleaner. When you soak in the tub (and I love to)  the dirt just sits there
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Glen Thornbury answered
If you have a reduction flow shower head, and have your partner in there with you (only to help in the washing and cleaning thing) then a shower is FAR better, Kid!
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I would like laying in the tub because its relaxing and when done I take a shower because I was just sitting in dirt I rinse it down what makes me fill clean think you should try it it cool :D
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ly fen chen answered

I do both for taking a bath or a shower with cleaner and with soak as well. I do it every day, as I am afraid of smelling and that's nature to clean oneself each day.if no, we can be dirty.

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Take a shower, rinse the tub, turn off water to let it all drain.  Fill the tub, add bubble bath (I LOVE amazing grace by philosophy!) and soak in your nice, clean bath!
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Taking a shower is cleaner because all the dirt is washed away rather than sitting in the tub with you ^_^

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