What Kind Of Shower Can Be Used With A Roll-top Bath?


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A freestanding bath of any type may be referred to as a roll-top bath.  The classic shower arrangement for a roll-top has a ceiling, floor or rim-mounted curtain rail and a telephone shower which may be hand-held or mounted on a rigid riser to direct spray as desired.  There are a number of variations available; exactly what type of shower you chose will be dictated by the configuration and location of your bath.

Most traditional roll-tops have a curved or rolled edge although some may include a flat tap platform at the end or in the middle to accommodate the necessary fixtures.  Some tub models are designed to fit on the wall at one or two edges, while others sit quite independently.  If your bath remains in close proximity to the wall, you can also choose to attach your fixtures there, which gives you the option of concealing the plumbing.

You can view types of bath/shower mixer kits on numerous websites such as

Photos of baths with assorted showers that may inspire you can be found at

You can search "freestanding shower towers” for products like the one displayed at

You can also investigate wall-mount shower towers that could conceivably be adapted to free-standing with custom fittings.  See examples such as "the ravishing new Ramor Thermostatic Shower Tower from Triton - a masterpiece! It consists of a glass shelf, a fixed shower, a handset shower, body jets, diverter levers and above all - lots of beauty. It offers a choice of five different showering sensations…” at 

Styles and materials vary from basic to elaborate, as do prices, but the options are virtually limitless.  A patient search will ultimately result in the perfect shower for your space, and a sybaritic bathing experience.  Don’t forget the candles!
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Since you are not sure of what kind of shower you want. And You are not able to explain it also. It would be best if I help you out with possible options. Here is a link that would help you out in finding the right shower for your Roll top bath:
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THANK YOU for taking the time to reply! Ah yes, my question wasn't very clear, was it? Sorry. I'm not good at word limits!

My house is Victorian and I'd like to put a roll-top (free-standing) bath into the bathroom. However we don't have room for a separate shower so the shower will have to be over the bath.

I'm therefore looking for a shower that can be mounted over a free-standing bath without creating a flood every time someone has a shower!

I am aware that there are baths which look like roll-tops but are designed to fit along the wall on two sides (e.g. but I'd rather not have the bath against the wall.

I have also found that there are showers designed to go over free-standing baths but only ones which provide the water from above (I'd heard this called a rainfall shower but maybe that's the wrong term). Here's a picture of one to clarify: With this angle of shower there's no option but to get soaked from above, we're looking for something more like what I would call a standard shower on a slider that we could somehow position over the free-standing bath and would provide water from just above head height at one side of the user. On the webpage you provided these can be seen at: So far, all of the showers of this type that I've seen are on a slider which has to be fastened to the wall. I _think_ this would mean that they would be too far from the edge of the bath to avoid getting the floor wet.

So - I'm looking for a way to combine a shower with a free-standing, roll-top bath. The solution needs to be practical as we'll be using the shower every day. A hand-held shower which can't be fastened just above head-height is also therefore not an option. I am fairly sure that what I'm looking for doesn't exist but I can't tell you how delighted I'll be if someone tells me I'm wrong! Thanks again for your time.
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Have you had a solution to this. This is EXACTLY what I am looking to do but like you cannot find a simple solution. Let me know if you've found one yet.
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I am looking to buy hand held shower which fits on wide taps, on a roll top bath, can you help. Thanks.

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