Can A Shower Be Added To A Basement 1/2 Bath Without Jackhammering The Floor?


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My neighbor had the same problem, and he decided to creat a "step-up" shower stall.  I'm pretty sure the way they did this was that they positioned the drain on a metal box, and then the drain pipe so that it slanted downwards to hook into the main sewage pipe.  Once in position, they poured concrete around the drain and pipe (over to the inside wall of the shower).  Their only problem was the pipe that ran across the original bathroom floor towards the back, but he built a small cabinet over it for extra bathroom storage.  I'm not sure if he needed a builder's permit, or an inspection, but I doubt if he bothered with them, because from what he told us, the shower works just fine.
I hope this helps, or maybe it will give you enough information to find a different way to add the shower.
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I have considered doing this in my basement, and fortunately, there IS a basement drain about 15 feet away. I figure to get a readymade shower stall cubical on a raised floor, and then immediately below the stall drain, add and elbow turn turn 90 degrees and run a small PCV pipe across my concrete basement floor to the 4 inch drain hole. To prevent syphoning, I'd just run a 45 or 90 degree elbow over the lip and keep it above the level of the water that sits in the bottom of the drain. Can anyone think of any problems with this? The water heater is adjacent, as is the cold water supply, so the plumbing should be fairly simple and short. Does Lowes ever sell these stand alone "Phone booth shower stalls" on discount or on scratch and dent sales?
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The plumbing won't be that difficult to rework from above but as hisdimple said the floor drain will be the most difficult problem, unless you create some sort of false floor.


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