How Do You Fit A Gas Hose To A Gas Stove?


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Its a very risky work. If you have experience and confidence then you can install gas hove to a gas stove. Otherwise you should hire a gas safety engineer to get it fix. If you fit yourself then there is a danger of gas leakage so you better take help from professional and get gas safety certificate to ensure a completely safe kitchen environment.

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It is very easy to install a gas hose to a gas stove. If you are not sure on how to connect the gas hose, you can call your gas service provide and tell them to send someone to fix it for you. While using the gas always make sure that the gas hose is properly connected to the gas stove as well as the gas cylinder.

The gas hose will be connected to the regulator which is mounted on the gas cylinder. The gas might leak if the connection is not properly secured. The gas would emit a peculiar smell which will make you understand that gas is leaking. If this happens, turn off the gas and check for the gas hose connection.

The gas hose which is connected to the gas stove should be firmly fitted. If it doesn't fit then you make that end broader, which will allow you to easily connect the gas hose.

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