I'm Looking For Pull Handles For Bedroom Furniture And I'm Having Trouble Finding Them


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If you have a look at this link, you may find what you are looking for:  www.eclectic-ware.com/contactus/Objective/ctc-pulls/ctc-pull . They boast that they carry a huge range of hard-to-find handles and knobs for all kinds of furniture, even in unusual sizes.

Sometimes it is possible to restore the handles and knobs on furniture so that they look as good as new, so you don’t need to go the trouble and expense of buying new ones, especially if the new ones are proving to be difficult to find.

Brass handles are particularly satisfying to restore because of how different they look once you have completed the job. Over the years, brass can become absolutely filthy because it accumulates grime without you even noticing that they have become tarnished.

Using the right sized screwdriver (the wrong size can damage the screw heads so that you may find it impossible to get them out, or to replace them again), unscrew the handles and soak them in a bucket, or bowl, of ammonia for around an hour, taking care not to splash any onto your skin. If you do, rinse well under running water.

Soaking your handles in ammonia will remove the worst of the grime and the tarnish. Remove the handles from the bucket, rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth. You can then apply some brass cleaner and polish them with either a cloth or a buffing wheel, until they gleam.

Once you have achieved this, you should apply a coat of brass sealer and allow the handles to dry for up to an hour. You are now ready to screw your handles back in place, and to stand back and admire!
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I hate to state the obvious but Lowes and Home Depot both carry a variety of handles. I hope you have already looked.

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