What Color Should I Use To Go With A Cedar Bedroom Suit? Wall Color, Bedding, Curtains & All? Please Help!


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Stick with earth tones like browns, reds, oranges, yellows and greens.  Those colors with some light through the windows and maybe a plant or two will really brighten up your guestroom.EricaMaidPro
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There are a variety of colors that you can use with your Cedar bedroom. I think the best colors to use in the room will be Deep reds and rust. You can also add brown and gold. Now you would have to think of a theme based on your own resources. However always keep in mind not to overdo a color. For example, put deep red on one wall and decorate it with your pictures or with contrasting colored pictures. Then use shades of brown and gold in lamps and shades. You can also use the same color in carpet and curtains. Use lighter colors for the bed sheet but enhance it with contrasting darker colored pillows.

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