What Color To Paint A Bedroom With Brown Curtains And Dark Brown Carpet?


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There are a lot of choices you can make depending on your likes/dislikes.  A light creamy color, beige or light tan would obviously be very complementary.  You could also go with a light sky blue or a light mint green or even a light yellow.  Then dress it up with matching colors in your bedspread, throw pillows, and throw against end of bed.  Pictures with vivid colors along with some of the colors matching your paint and decorating choices are always a nice touch.  Putting a couple of matching rugs next to the bed with color/s matching the bedspread can help break up the darkness of the carpet and add some additional eye appeal as well.  Have fun!~~Vicki
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A light color such as bisque/ivory would show off and compliment the browns.  It's difficult to say because peoples tastes differ so much, but any contrasting color that you like would work, but too dark a color would make the room appear smaller and cave-like.

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