What Color Curtains For Light Walls, Dark Brown Furniture?


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In my opinion, Brown is the ideal color for couches. This is because couches are suspect to stains and spills, So brown being a darker color makes these stains less visible and the life of the couch is extended.

There are a number of colors that go with Brown, if you are concerned about curtains. If you are into lighter shades, then beige or gold is your color. These colors will emphasize on the beauty of your couch and also make the room look wider and more sunny. You can also use a lighter shade of pistachio green to convey the same effect.

Apart from that if you want to give a bright look, use a mellow yellow or even rusty orange. It would make the room lively. And if you are a conservative, use shades of deep purple, green, gray or orange red.
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You may want to try a light multi color with a touch of orange, red, light green, blue or beige. An abstract design would be great it really brightens up the room. You may use some glass vases with rocks with some greenery. Just use some imagination, you maybe surprised at what you come up with. Take care.
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Definitely something light, creamy otherwise the room will be oppressive.
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A faded orange would look great
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You can go with some thing in the tans or beige maybe smokey gray but you can always go as dark as black if you wanted too.
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A light blue and brown print goes beautifully.  The bigger prints look best.  A solid color would be too boring.
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I have a lilac carpet and a brown bed what colour should I do the walls

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