I have light blue walls and a dark brown leather three piece I have just got a dark blue carpet what colour curtains would you recommend?


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BEN GREGO answered
You really need to 'lighten up' the room, due to the dark furniture and carpeting!!...your main problem is that you have two different color 'families'; warm, the dark brown, and cool, the carpet and  walls!!!

This can present a problem as if you are not careful, the room will appear to be 'busy' and not restful...

HOWEVER, you can play up the blue to 'brighten; things up with a medium shade of blue, or you can play up the furniture with a shade of brown that is lighter than the brown of the furniture....

Kinda complicated, huh?  Sorry to be so detailed, but I want you to think about the contrast you have in this room....and how to get the 'best of both worlds' with the two different types of color families you have!!!

And you know, the more I think about it, the more I like playing up the blue, and having the furniture kind of 'stand out' on its own...

This would be more 'restful' to the eye than having brownish curtains. With the brownish curtains, the eye would be jumping back and forth...not restful!!

Just to be safe, you really should choose at least 2 shades of blue AND brown for the curtains, get small pieces, and tape them up on the walls, and leave them up for at least THREE DAYS...this is to get you to see how the light from different times of the day and evening affect those colors....

Doing this,you may decide on the brown, after all...but YOU MUST 'live' with these two colors first!!

You don't want to rush out and get curtains, put them up, then find that after a few days they don't look 'right' to you.....

So 'get acquainted' with the colors first!!!!

This trick is also good when you want to decide on colors of paint for walls, etc.

Again, have fun...enjoy!!!!
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Zack answered
I think the curtains should be white with light blue it would be nice

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