Would A Dark Coffee Coloured Carpet Go With A Black Leather Lounge Suite?


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Billy Price answered
I think it would probably go well together.
BEN GREGO answered
Well, it would, but it'd be awfully DARK to live with!!..

If you already have the carpeting, don't buy black leather!! UNLESS you really 'lighten' it up with the colors of your accessories; lampshades, pillows, drapes, etc.

If you already have the leather suite, dark coffee color carpeting would be very depressing!! Unless, again, you brighten things up with your accessories...

Don't mean to repeat myself but it's the only way I can explain it!! Haha.

Black, in spite of what people think, does NOT 'go with everything' always looks better with colors that have a 'cool' tone...blues, purples, some reds, but NO corals, yellows, oranges, etc...

Dark coffee color would go better with colors in the 'warm' tones; yellows/corals/yellow-reds/oranges, etc...

So if you already have the carpeting and the leather suite, just use some (not too many!) brighter/lighter colors to open it up...mirrors would help,also,
What color are your walls?

Sorry to ramble so long but I like to be thorough! Haha

Let me know what you decide to do!

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