What Colour Carpet Goes With Black And Grey Sofas?


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BEN GREGO answered
Since gray and black are considered neutrals, you could go with just about anything... I'd watch the orange family, though, or it'd look like halloween all year around!

BUT the most important thing is, what type of room is it; that is, is it large, small, are there many windows or just one?
The reason I ask is that that would determine the colors you'd want to use;
For example; if you have a smaller room, with just, say, 1 or 2 windows, and not much light, then you'd want to use all pastel shades of the color you want...this would 'open up' the room..and the reverse is true; if it's a larger room, you could go with slightly darker colors, but not too dark! As this would not hurt the 'feel' of the room being too large...
If you tell me more about the type of room you have, I can further advise you....please feel free to get back to me!
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april smith answered
Black and gray are nutral colors so you can put any color that you like, personally I would look for red carpet with a plaid pattern in it that would have black and gray in the pattern. Also blue would look good too. Gray is good with blue.  Another idea is the popular colors that is suppose to be in fashion today is green, purple, and brown but, its got be your own preface because you have to live with it.  Good luck april
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Earmark Mark answered

Neutral colors. Maybe a mild green or blue. I wouldn't go overboard with bright colors here.

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Anonymous answered
How about adding an actual color.... Instead of just neutral colors. Maybe a green or blue. Red?!... (It also depends on your floor too.)

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