What Color Wall Would Go With A Black And Gray Sofa?


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lakeesha Hennessy Williams Profile
Both black and gray are neutral colors - which means that pretty much any hue would complement them rather nicely.

My personal preference would be to go with something bold and cool - crimson is a color I really like pairing with black, and the gray would contrast nicely with something like turquoise or aquamarine.

What color best goes with a black and gray sofa? The answer really depends on what kind of theme you're going for. If you want something modern and contemporary, then a vibrant color might be the best route to choose.

If you want a more demure feel to your room, then a violet or crimson tone might bring that through.

The only colors I'd recommend steering clear of are the following:

  • Fuchsia (too attention-seeking).
  • Magnolia (very unadventurous).
  • Charcoal (will give the room a bland appearance).
  • Mustard (is never a good idea, no matter what color your furniture is).

You may be interested in having a look at this Dulux paint mixing tester to get an idea what kind of color to go for.
PJ Profile
PJ answered
Almost any color would work with black and gray.

You could keep it muted and go with an off white, or really make things stand out by using red paint or some other bright color.

The nice thing about your black and gray is that there are so many great possibilities!
Earmark Mark Profile
Earmark Mark answered

You should use your favorite color because all colors will match with black and gray, so don't hold back girl friend!

Be as creative as possible.

kenneth newel Profile
kenneth newel answered

I think you use white, light yellow, brown or some bold color like red, Pink and all to get a contrast look.

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