Would A Plum Sofa Go With Lime Green And Purple Walls?


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To be honest, I don’t really think anything would go with purple and lime-green walls.

Why Won't A Plum Sofa Look Good With Purple And Lime-Green Walls?
Purple and lime green only work together because they clash so horrifically that it looks intentional. However, if you add a plum color into the mix, it won’t look intentional anymore – it’ll just look like you’re color-blind.

It’s like seeing someone with messy hair – if the rest of them looks well-groomed, the messy hair can work, as it looks like a fashion choice. However, if you see someone with messy hair, dirty clothes and an unwashed face, they just look like they’re homeless.

What Colors Would Go Best With Purple and Lime Green?
I think the main problem with your suggested color scheme is the combination of plum and purple. Plum is quite a warm color, and purple isn’t, but they’re too similar to work well together.

If you insist on keeping the purple and lime-green walls, I’d suggest getting a white, gray or black couch – or perhaps a dark purple one, if you can find one that’s the exact same hue as the walls.
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kenneth newel answered

That would look really cool, you can experiment a lot with colors like purple to give a creative look to your interior.

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