Will A Creme Color Sofa Go With Grey Walls?


2 Answers

BEN GREGO answered
Gray is a 'cool' color; that is, it has no warmth; like red does, for instance...and the creme color sofa is a 'warm'  color, so there would be a slight clash using these two colors together...

You can remedy this by making the gray walls a 'background' color, so to speak, and you can do this by playing up other warm colors in the rest of your accessories, etc.....just off the top of my head, your drapes could be shades of browns/oranges/corals, accent rug rust, etc... Just so you realize that by doing this, you may also create the opposite effect!! That of making the gray walls the 'star ' of the room...see, you are creating such a contrast with the warm furniture colors that the wall, again, a contrast, will stand out more..

Now there is nothing at all wrong with this, but I did want you to think it all through!

I tend to over think things like this; sorry!!

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