What Color Should I Paint My Walls If I Have Dark Grey Sofas And A Small Room?


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I have dark grey sofas and my walls are a light brown and it looks very good.
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natalie johnson answered
Use something light in color. Darker colors will make the room look smaller.
Also think about how you want the room to feel. If it is for fun then choose something colorful, but still light. If it is for relaxing then choose something soothing and mild. If it is for studying then choose something more earthy like sage (light) or a brown (light). Anything gray will look blue on the walls. I think green, like sage will look nice with gray sofa.
Get color swatches from the paint store. Find the one that is closest to your sofa and match it up with other colors to see if they look good together.
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You might try a light Maroon and paint the trim a light gray, it would be beautiful.

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