Tan Color Carpet Matches With What Wall Color?


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martha Profile
martha answered
I have seen light gray walls with tan sofas (almost a grayish blue)
then other decor with blue, silver and tan- looks  nice together
or if you want a warmer tone use cream - colored paint and lots of earth tones- fall colors as accessories-- russet, pumpkins deep red, deep sage green
Diana Becker Profile
Diana Becker answered
I think an Olive shade would look really good or maybe try a dark beige color or a color from the blue family....
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
I think the best colour to compliment tan is a pale chalky blue, not too bold but will look great!
Karen Andrews-Agnew Profile
Depends on the size of the room and how much light is let in from the windows. Large rooms with a lot of light can be any color - dark or light. Small rooms should be lighter to keep it "open" - not closed in feeling. Be daring.
Deborah Bereta Profile
Deborah Bereta answered
What ever color you might want but go the a color that will set a cheerful mood rather than a darker one
Zhu Yugang Profile
Zhu Yugang answered
White Wall Matches with A Tan Sofa.
rhonda kaiser Profile
rhonda kaiser answered
In my house my walls are tan and my border which is in the middle is like a burgandy with bronze in it.

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