I Have A Room That Is 432 Square Feet. How Many 18x18 Square Tiles Pieces Do I Need?


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18 in = 1.5 ft
area of one tile, 18inx18in, =1.5ftx1.5ft= 2.25 ft2 /tile
432ft2/2.25ft2 /tile=192 tiles

But probably when you come to the wall you will have to cut a row of tiles to fit, so you will need extras.
How many extra tiles would depend on the actual dimensions of the room.
Suggestion; draw the plan of the room to scale and draw in lines to show the tiles. Then you can count them.

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Another consideration is the shape of the room - does it have offsets, irregular shapes, etc. A square room is the simpliest to estimate but different shapes all have different answers, As Selkirk recommends, draw squares (actually I would recommend drawing a grid of 18 x 18 on a transparent sheet and laying that over a drawing of your room. From that you can adjust slightly to make the best fit, then count how many tiles you need. HINT - to look the best make each side piece equal.

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