Can You Use Spackle To Texture A Wall Prior To Painting?


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Yes, we just built a playroom and used a 5 gallon bucket of joint compound to texture the walls. Thin it out a little adding extra water (just a little) then use a deep nap roller to roll it on (it will help you build up your arm muscles). Then take a mud knife and run it over the texturing lightly to level out the high spots. The playroom looks great but I suggest trying out some test peices before you get to the real thing so you know how to make it all work. Let me know if you use this and how it turns out
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best of luck but as you can see, many have done this and it works. Let us know please. Always glad to hear success stories.
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I know it's been a year since this was posted, but if you read this can you let me know if you cleaned the walls and primed before adding the texture? I wasn't sure if the joint compound would stay on okay without priming.

Thanks in advance
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I would suggest cleaning and priming the walls first unless you have a flatt base paint on the walls.
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Hi...I did the same thing using joint compound...I smoothed it all over the wall then dabbed a Greek sea sponge over it, let it dry, lightly sanded the "peaks" and turned out great !!
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Use water

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