How To Prepare A Damp Wall For Painting?


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NEVER paint a damp wall... You have a moisture problem, be it a leak or air flow.. If your wall is actually "damp" you need to start digging around. Paint will only make the problem worse and you could be looking at a nasty mold and mildew problem. You need to get some ventilation and air circulating in there. Find out why the wall is damp, fix any leaks, bleach is not what you want to use if you have a mold problem, you are just putting more water in the walls. Go to the EPA website, google these things.
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Try and find out what is causing the damp in the first place.If no luck try using a fungicidal wash,let dry then use a fungicidal paint.Try 2 or 3 coats.If the cost of this is to high try going back to a old fashion method of using bleach making sure you use a face mask ,safety glasses and gloves and keep room ventillated.Hope this helps.

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