How Should I Prime A Nursery Wall For Painting?


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Priming a wall before painting gives an extra good look. It gives a wonderful and pleasant effect to the painting. For good results you must have prime a wall with PVA dry wall primer. Because the taping and texture of a drywall are too porous and will soak the paint. Giving an unexpected bad appearance. While applying the primer don't move the brush go back and forth more than necessarily, put the primer liberally, it will produces softness and smooth texture on the paintings.

If you are repainting a wall you can also apply a PVA primer, in order to seal any holes that are spackle and also the underlying paint. Don't use the cheap paints, because cheap paint give bad results. The success of painting lies in the best quality of paints. Choose the best quality brand name and company. If you are using white colors then must have to choose the best brand, because the pigments of the pure white paint is too expensive.

If you are in south California, the best brand is Dunn-Edwards paints. It is of top quality and also too expensive. For good results on cheap paints, if you are putting a lot of labor, then why not to buy best paint and put small number of labor.
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There are primers in most home improvement/paint stores. If there is already a dark paint there, you could go with a white.

The common brand is Kilz. It helps to cover the old paint so it doesn't blend with the new. It also helps seal the wall.

If you have the new paint color picked out, the often the store can suggest a color for the primer that would be a perfect match to cover the old paint while helping with the new paint. If you go with just plain white versus a colored primer, then you will need a little more the new paint.
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Kilz paint is the best paint for coverage. Walmart sells it and it is supposed to be guaranteed to cover in one coat or you get your money back. I have used it for several rooms in my house and I have never needed a second coat, not even to cover red walls!

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