My Couch Is A Mocha Color What Colors Should I Paint The Walls?


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Katie Harry answered
When you are decorating or furnishing a room, it is very important that all the colors that you use are in sync with the others.

If you have a mocha colored couch, you could give a variety of looks to the area.
For an elegant and classic touch, paint your walls cream to pale yellow. To add a dash of color, paint one wall a burnt orange color.

You could also paint your walls green, provided that the lighting in your room allows it. Combine dark velvet green with some gold to achieve a very comfortable and classy room.

Another good color to play with would be beige. If you add a little texture to the wall along with the paint, your room is going to look really good. You can experiment with shades of beige to brown.

Just make sure that which ever color you choose is not too over whelming and does not give a closed stuffy look to the room.

I hope you come up with a beautiful room! Good luck!:)

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