What accent colour can i use with mocha and cream walls? Would cream curtains with a red floral design go?


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BEN GREGO answered
You'd want to make sure the red you choose is not too bright or bold.....and also that it is a WARM red, as opposed to a COOL red...lots of difference there.....the warm red goes with the mocha, while the cooler reds would make the mocha look 'crappy'!!.
You could also use a nice shade of coral or even peach, also.

Best way to make sure you get the color you really want:

Choose at least 3 patterns/colors you think you like and get maybe a yard of each...then put them on the wall and leave them there for at least 3 days...you do this so you can see how the colors appear in the different light during different times of the day and evening...You'd be surprised how much of a difference lighting makes..

And this sure as heck beats buying the curtains you think you love, then after a few days not liking them!!

My suggestion will give you the advantage of choosing the color at leisure!!

Good luck and have fun!
Michael Crazedpsyc Profile
I think a red design, but not floral, and not bright red! A dark red an maybe some abstract designs or translucent glows
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Yes, those colours would go well .  And Cream with a lilac colour design would be nice for the spring/summer . 

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