I Need To Paint/decorate A Small Office With Black Furniture. Any Ideas For Color Pallet?


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I would go with a light green color.  Have fun!
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Heavenlee had some good ideas.  If you go with her palette I would suggest using red accents.  Black and White photos in sets of three framed in black is such a smart look. If you are going for more of a “Four Season Resort” serenity look then I recommend painting the walls a soft apple green, with the trim to match.  The ceiling should be a much lighter shade or even white.  With green you can use all shades of green and blue for accents.  For a small space sometimes a big picture makes it look like a bigger room.  If you go with this palette I would suggest looking for an impressionistic landscape with blues and greens such as a copy of Monets’ water lilies.  Be sure you keep your furniture scaled down, no big over-sized pieces.  Accessories could be sea shells, coral or groupings of flameless candles. In an office there are usually florescent overhead lights which are harsh.  Be sure and use lamps to soften the light and also for added interest.  Lamps are cozy.  CVS pharmacy has a great buy on flameless wax candles.  Three for $19.99.  TJ Max or other discount stores have great accessories.  I wish I was there to help you.  I am the best decorator on a dime.  I am good at small spaces and small budgets
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I would actually suggest to try and break up the feel of the room with some wood or texture as all black furniture can be quite gloomy. Perhaps some glass and wood on your storage cabinets will be enough to lend some nice break in the feeling of the room. Plants help, and other earthy tones too. Try to avoid loud colours unless you stick with one throughout the theme.

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You could try a very light champagne or beige sort of colour and then add some really eyecatching things to stop it from looking boring and clinical such as a framed photograph of pebbles like the ones which have become very popular over the last few years a black and white photo or sepia as a focal point to the room and add bits and pieces of coordination such as cushions and some vases.

also has the advantage of low cost painting and decorating but invest in things that can be reused elsewhere if you want a change.

Beautiful photos available from derekdanielphotography.co.uk

Hope this helps.

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