What Color Should I Paint My Home Office?


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Well for your Home office, you're right giving it a blue and cool look will give it more of a corporate look. For a home office we need to chose colors from within the house and go for a calmer effect than a corporate one. The following web page will help you choose a nice color for your home office.
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Maybe a pale green? Terra cotta is nice and warm, but may clash with walls/furniture. Lowe's used to have a thing where you could upload a picture of the room on their website and try it with different paint--you may want to search for something like that.
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Great idea. I didn't realize they had such a thing. Thanks so much! :)
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I agree with the light green. It is calming and is soothing to the eyes when you look up after long periods on the computer or after reading. Behr (at Home Depot) has a really nice green called Rejuvinate. It compliments cherry nicely. I have it in my dining room.
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It depends on the type of work you are doing. If you do creative work such as art or writing then brighter greens help stimulate creativity. However blue is supposed to help a lot with productivety! Light yellows have been proven to give you a positive attitude in offices. Whatever you do, do not use pinks because they cause you to become tired or overly "calm"
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I would paint your home office, one of your favorite colors. You are going to be spending a lot of time in your office so if the colour is what you like you will feel like spending more time in the room.
You can always use accent colors of your favorite colour to add that punch of colour as well.

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