If You Were To Paint Your House, What Color Would It Be?


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The outside of my house is cedar and stained wood...think I won't paint it anytime soon, but interestingly, today I went by a friend's house.  She has just recently moved there and she told me hers was the pink house.  Yeah, I told my husband there can't be too many of those...should be easy to find.  It was really beautiful!  A very pale pink.  I never would have thought of pink in a million years.
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Yellow, because it is bright and cheery. Not to bright or dark just light yellow, but yellow enough to know it's not off white. Peace
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The husband and I decided on a blue, with a natural dark wood trim. I can imagine it already.
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It depends on furniture colors but any way I like soft bright colors because they make place wider
 colors like soft pink,white,offwhite and light blue(sky color)
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I would like a red brick house with a green roof.  The walls inside I would depend on the furniture and whose rooms they were.  I would have to think more about that.  My walls at my house are the color they are because it is the color that was painted on them when we bought the house last year.  And no it is not a red brick house with a green roof, I wish.  I would love to re-do our house and have to think about those things.  But I would need to win the lottery first, which will also not happen.  Great question.
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I like yellow, red, green, blue, and much more. I usually like brighter shades just not to bright especially for red!
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White walls green roof and gold paint around the windows and doors. Its the colour of the Irish republican flag the tricolour. I would do it just to wind up the loyalists who have stuck the British flag ,the union jack up our noses at every opportunity for years. :)
As it is yellow as thmpsn described w/ hunter green trim except my french doors are white{next time it will be periwinkle blue with perhaps a celery or lite pink trim}▬inside: My living room & kitchen are barnyard red, the den is olive, my master bedroom is texas sage...the other bedroom is lavender...you know us Floridians get real creative when it comes to paint...lol♥
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I like white, blue, brown,or beige, so if I paint my apartment, I will use these colors, as white and blue look pure, then brown looks dark which is not easy dirty.

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