Color Ideas For A Small Kitchen With Oak Cabinets,wood Floor And Stainsteel Appliances?


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A dark red would look very nice I think
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I have only one piece of advice, and that's the stick to a maximum of ONE theme, not colour in addition to the wood and glass. Your storage units might start to look very messy if the colours are all over the place. But a yellow-red or a rainbow or a gradient might still work as long as the rest of the room isn't as outstanding!

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It is important to plan out first the style you want for your house. It is not just the floorplan that is quite hard to come up with the decision, but the walls too. It needs to be well-matched with not just the flooring but with the cabinets, countertops and other furniture - may it be in the kitchen or other rooms. I would personally suggest to paint your kitchen with Amber toned cabinets in combination with blue gray walls that can beautifully create a contrast with stainless kitchen appliances. It will give a fresh, somewhat classy and modern look. But it still depends in the style you want to achieve. :)

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Farrow and Ball do a lovely aquamarine which goes nicely, I can't remember what it's called, but Homebase carry Farrow and Ball paints.

I have a dado rail and above it I have F&B 'sugar bag light' , and the deeper shade on the bottom-looks classy!

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