My Kitchen Floor Is A Black/white Checkerboard Pattern, My Frig Is White, My Stove Is Black/white, My Counter Top Is White With Tan/black Specs. What Color Should I Paint My Walls And Cabinets?


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BEN GREGO answered
I also like the idea of red with black and white!!! It would really give the kitchen a lift.....and also lift your spirits when you were there!! But please be sure that it's a vibrant, rich red, like candy apple, red...Another color to consider would be blue, but not just any ol' blue!! A vibrant, electric, or jewel tone I can see it all now!!! Either one would be great and easy to live determine which exact shade of red or blue you decide to use, you MUST get a piece of poster board, say, 2 x 3 ft, and paint it with the colors you want to decide on.....put them on a wall, and leave them there for at least 3 days!! Then you can see how the light during the day, afternoon, and evening will affect the colors..DO NOT run out and get a red or blue and just start painting...I think most paint stores will either give or sell you a pint (or less) or so of the colors you are considering.....this is very important!! You may decide you don't like either color!! If that's the case (but how can you go wrong with red or blue??LOL) then whatever other colors you want to try, do the same thing; posterboard and sample of the color!! Good luck and have fun!!!
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My vote would be RED!!! My grandma's home has the same floor & counter top in her bathroom and the walls, toilet & sink are RED...It looks really hot!!! :)
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Red perhaps - if there's a lot of wall space it may be a bit overwhelming but use artwork on  big areas, or a garish wallpaper on one wall to break it up - I'm thinking of this kind of colour scheme and my kitchen is big with alcoves so I'll also use wallpaper (Osbourne & little do a really good range albeit expensive) although it's a Victorian house so should work.
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Red, if your ceilings are tall enough and not too much for the walls. White Cabinets.

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