Replacing Carpet With Wood Floors, Furniture Is Dark Wood So What Color Floor Should We Chose?


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Aisha answered
It all depends on the taste of the person, However, since you have asked for a suggestion, I would recommend Contrast. Putting dark colored floors would darken the atmosphere of the room and the room will look smaller. So select a light color for the floors which will give an airy feel to the room and the atmosphere will also lighten up. You can choose light colored wood floor.
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I have a dark cherry stain on my furniture and our wood floors are a mix of shades. Some boards are lighter and darker than others. It creates a rustic look while blending in your furniture!

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Dark can be match with white but, brown will also compliment.
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Laura Myers , Blogger, answered

Balancing out the dark colours of wood floors is a must. That is why if you are working with fully assembled bedroom furniture or in any room of your house, matching the colour of your floor with the furniture you have is something you must always consider. I would like to suggest for a light shade of wood flooring so it will be a beautiful contrast with your dark wood furniture. But it still depends on the style you want.

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