We Have Copper Slate Backsplash And Crema Bordeaux Granite Countertops With Oak Cabinets And Wood Floor. What Color Is For The Walls?


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I have just installed crema Bordeaux with med. Tone maple cabinets and travertine flooring. Decorator went for Modern Ivory (Dunn&Edwards) paint and also rec. Partial copper tone glass tile backsplash modern design, which I am still looking for, The wall color picks up the lighter aspect of the granite and works exceptionally well.
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After I have bought I new house I had the previous owners marble countertop. It was a real shame to realize that it was cracked. Upon our last conversation, the owner did mention [url=][/url] and how they could help with the making of a new countertop. The beauty, warmth, and character of a natural stone gets me every time. How could I say no and not look into them? You can never go wrong with marble.

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