How To Paint White Melamine Cabinets With Oak Trim?


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We had the same cabinets in a house we bought 8 months ago. With the economy the way it is, we decided to pull of a DIY project rather than replace them.
We glued wainscot to the doors with a decorative trim on top and bottom. We originally painted them black, but I changed my mind yesterday and am painting them Behr color Honeysuckle White. Not sure if you have the same gross cabinets we have, but they were the ones with the grooves under the door for the top cabs and on top of the door for the base cabs...this is how you open them. Well we added nice brushed nickel oval knobs by drilling thru the cab doors. The cabinets bases are maple and the facings are oak and with the cream wainscot, I think they look beautiful now!! Good Luck!
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I have the exact same problem, could you post pictures of the cabinets? I would like to do the same thing but am not 100% sure. Thanks!
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You will need to apply a primer made for slick surfaces before painting your cabinets.
Zinsser123 is an excellent primer for melamine/formica cabinets.
  Will also work on the oak trim even if it has been polyurethaned.
Be sure to read the directions because there is a curing time for the primer.
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I am currently remodeling my kitchen on a tight budget with these same cabinets... An I dea has been to replace the doors. The only problem is matching the oak colour in a door style, which lead me to my next idea... White doors. Its hard to picture in my head but considering the doors now are off-white and two-tone kitchens are becoming the latest trend I am leaning towards this option.. Cost of new doors is approximately $600 which is not bad considering I wont have to worry about scrubbing, priming, painting the other doors, not to mention the trim peices.  
If any one has seen this done before or cabinetry that has the same two tone design can you please comment or post pictures.. Thanks!!

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