I Have Oak Cabinets That I Want To Paint White What Is The Best Way To Prep Them For Painting?


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Your oak cabinets probably have a coat of polyurethane on them, which makes the surface slick and non porous so you could do one of two different techniques to prep your cabinets.
1) You can prime them with Zinsser123 primer, which is made for slick surfaces, then apply the paint, but there is a cure time, so you will need to read the directions on the can.

2) You could sand the cabinets with an electric palm sander, prime with a water based primer made for wood, then paint them.
Be sure Not to use an oil based primer unless you are going to use an oil based paint.
You could use an Acrylic paint on your cabinets, which is made for all types of materials and is an easy clean up.
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I personally would not paint oak cabinets, but since you want to (if they have a gloss,you strip them of the shine first or the paint wont go on smoothly, primer and paint.  If they arent then you have to primer them first, then use the color you want. If you want to just re-stain them then you strip them with polyurethane, then re-stain them and lastly seal with a gloss paint.

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