What Is The Best Paint Colour For A Kitchen?


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Well it depends on your taste really. Browsing through magazines and websites may help - some websites allow you to do colour tests to give you an idea of colour schemes. You need to decide whether you want to continue a colour scheme from connecting rooms, or whether you want your kitchen to stand out from the rest.

You might want to pick a colour that compliments your kitchen furniture. It is important that you pick a colour that you would be happy to view on an everyday basis!

If you want to add a warm feel to your kitchen then perhaps dark colours would do the trick. Red, yellow, brown and orange are just a few of the warm colours that you could use. White is also a common colour for rooms, and would look great in a kitchen with dark furniture. However if you do choose white, you might want to add a little more colour to your kitchen by selecting a few colourful items.

Another thing to consider is how different colours will look in certain light. Try testing out different colours in natural sunlight and artificial light. That way you'll get a good idea of what looks best.
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There are many colors for kitchen use. But there are some important things to remember before choosing paint for your kitchen. First of all, you must know about the color of the tiles used in kitchen. Secondly, the colors of wooden work in kitchen. Thirdly, the size of the kitchen. Fourth, the location of the kitchen in your home. Fifth, Quantity of light in the kitchen. The paint you choose for your kitchen must be matching with the tiles used in the kitchen on walls or on the floor. Wooden work done in the kitchen should also match the color with paint.

Size of the kitchen matters a lot, because if the kitchen is small enough then you can not use some dull or dark color, you must use some bright and light colors. Location of kitchen is also important because if your kitchen is in the end of the house and no visitor visits your kitchen then you can use the color of your own choice else you should choose color which suits everyone. Light also matters, if kitchen is not much bright and you are use dark color then it will cause problems of light. Now there is time to select color for kitchen, that may be grapes color, pink, off white, sky blue or apple green or some else which suits above given conditions.
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I have a long narrowish kitchen with white cupboards and black and chrome cooker. I have quite a large window so have natural light all day. What would be a good colour?
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Being the area for food preparation, the kitchen is the one room in the house that we especially want to keep in the cleanest condition possible. For this reason, kitchens have often been painted in light colours, such as white, with pale coloured surfaces, so that we can see that the kitchen is truly in tip-top, sparkling condition. Keeping the surfaces free from fussy patterns also helps us to see those inevitable spills and splashes which really need to be wiped up.

Having said that, a lot of people go for brightly themed kitchens, with lime green being a popular colour for some of the kitchen fittings.

One option is not to paint the kitchen at all, but instead to opt for tiling the kitchen. With some use of patterned and shaded tiles this can be very effective and decorative, and the advantage of a tiled surface is that it can be wiped down easily - more so than a painted, or wallpapered, surface.
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We have a very pale, pale light avocado green which looks good with natural wood furniture /cabinets, our cork-tile flooring and a few blue and white china on the walls for decoration. Big kitchen with lots of windows.

If you are getting ready to sell your home you want to stick with white / neutrals.

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What colour should I paint my kitchen I have white cupboard doors and black worktops wot colour would work best with this
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My kitchen cupboards are cream with dark brown worktops and a light wooden floor.
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