What Color Carpet Will Match A Cranberry Wall In The Dining Room?


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Heather John answered
You have so many interior design options when you keep a Cranberry wall as a focal point. What color is your dining set? What style of lighting hangs over your dining table? If you know that you have dark mahogany furniture and a brass chandelier, this points to all warm colors in the room. If you have a contemporary chrome pendant and a glass topped, nickel finished table, you have cooler tone options.

You can choose a neutral earth toned color and punch up the room color with a rug. Do you want a cranberry wall and a contrasting evergreen rug? Would you like a black rug and a cranberry wall. By choosing a removable rug over a neutral sand or beige carpet you give yourself more decorating options for your dining room. Check out a color wheel too to give you an idea of contrasting hues and complementary colors.
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I think a Cream color, tan or taupe would look Great!! It will also brighten up the room You could go with white but the Cream would flow nicely
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What should I decorate the walls with my cranberry color on the walls, and it is trimmed in white?

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