What colour curtains go best with a dark grey and black sofa?


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you got a couple of nice suggestions up there but I think it also depends on the style of the room. Is it more classic or modern? If your walls are light magnolia, I would opt for a dove-gray kind of colour like this one:

If you like deeper colour and want something that adds a bit of contrast you could also opt for a darker colour (darker than the walls I mean), like this one:

and if you fancy some patters, you could use something that can match up with some pillows to put on the sofa as well, like they've done here:

I'd say that pillows would also help when choosing the curtains and matching them with the rest of the room. Hope this helps! (:

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What color are your walls?

The general formula for decorating is 60% one color, 40% another.

If you had very light grey walls (to go with your dark grey and black sofa), I'd suggest a bordeaux (dark, deep red) colored curtain.

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I'd go with a mustard-yellow color for the curtains

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I would suggest grey colored curtains. The light grey colored curtains will add an elegance to your room and also compliment your dark grey-black sofa.

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