Is Black Leather Sofa Matches With Grey Carpet?


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Maybe, but unless it's really good stuff and the rest of the decorating is perfect, it's going to look grim. If you're stuck with black and gray, then I would recommend choosing one vivid color to accessorize with -- maybe a bright golden yellow. Get a few big throw pillows and maybe a vase or something. Also try to have a throw pillow that incorporates the black, the gray, and some form of the gold color to pull things together.
Also, a lot depends on what color your walls are. If you're stuck with renter's white walls, then you'll really need to add those gold pillows. If you can paint, you might choose something bold like red (get help choosing the exact shade) or even a deep shrimp pink.
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I have ordered a black corner sofa unit. Do not want to have cream carpets. Have found a lovely grey carpet. You say may look oppresseive, yes I am worred about that. I can pain the walls any colour and am considered a feature wall and lots of red accessories. Can you advise please

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