What Color Curtains Match With A Pink Carpet And Dark Brown Furniture?


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Depending on the color of the walls, you could go with an ivory color for your curtains provided your walls arent that color because they would blend away if they were the same.  dark brown like the furniture would be too overpowering since it would bring the darkness upward.  a lighter shade of pink than that of the carpet would be a great choice and would tie in the carpet without giving the look of pepto bismol everywhere.  you could compliment your furniture with a wooden rod in the same color.  this would draw the eye upward.
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It's best to stick to neutral tones for the carpet when you have a brown sofa. Colors like light grey, pumice, or stone. Yellow and orange can work well but try and keep tones on the more muted side.  Grey compliments every shade of pink, from bright, hot pink to delicate pale shades.  Brown furniture has become synonymous with dated. A few pieces of dark wood home or office  furniture can add depth, richness, and soulfulness to a space.

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Light blue or violet

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