How Can I Tone Down A Bright Wall Color?


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You can paint with another shade of blue, a little darker, or add a creme, or a beige, that is usually good for toning down, or you can add a border around the tops of the walls, or even change the color of the curtains. Hope this helps, good luck.
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You cold do a faux finish with a cream or a lighter shade  of blue I am not sure of the technique but some people wad up a rag a kinda blot it on the wall with the different color   I know home depot could help you get the technique figured out
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When we painted my daughter's room pink and it ended up so incredibly bright we ended up sponge painting over it with a much paler shade of the same color--we just added white paint to the left over pink to lighten it up. It toned it down a lot but it was some work.  But it did turn out much nicer than just the plain pink walls.
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Paint mixed far too pink...supposed to be rose....what mix (colour) could be added
to tone down and make rose?
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