How Can I Reduce From 220 Volts Down To 110 Volts In A Wall Receptacle?


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You have two options;

1)  Use a transformer (220 VAC primary, 110 VAC secondary, with the proper VAR or current rating).

2)  Rewire the circuit if there is a neutral available.  Normally a 220 VAC service is actually two 110 volt hot legs that are 180˚ out of phase, and a neutral.  From either hot leg to neutral you get 110 VAC.

Whatever you do, make sure it is done to code (NEC).  Electricity can be quite lethal if it's not done correctly, and you may be liable for injury or damages to others. Have a licensed electrician double check your work if you are not 100% certain it it done correctly.
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Also, check the circuit breaker and make sure it is compatible with the 110 outlets.  Most standard outlets are 15 or maybe 20 amps.  The breakers for the 220 volt line could be 30 amps or more.
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If I connect to one leg (blackto black),in the 220 receptacle ,where would I connect the neutral (white)to?,any advice?...

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