Where To Buy 220 Volt Wire?


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There really isn't any wire out there rated like that. You need to know how much of a load you are going to have. Lets break it down here. 20 amps @ 220volts you will need 12/3 wire. 30 amps @ 220 volts you need 10/3 wire, 40 amps @ 220 volts you will need 8/3 wire.
Here is what the 12/3, 10/3, and the 8/3 business means. The first number is the wire gauge, this is the size of the wire. The second number is how many conductors are in the cable. Usually in 3 conductor cable there are Red, Black, and White. White will be your ground or neutral and red and black are your two hot leads. Good Luck!!

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