How Do I Convert A 220 Receptacle To A 110?


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Remove the red or black wire off the double pole breaker. At the other end, diconnect the red or black(which ever you removed at the panel)make the black or red the hot leg(which ever is left connected at the panel), white neutral and green ground. You'll need a new receptical.
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A 220 line has two 110v power legs that alternate 110 and zero on opposite synchronization
on off on off on off ------Power leg    (Black)   
on on on on on on------Neutral Leg  (White)
off on off on off on------Power leg     (Red)
NO POWER BARE OR GREEN------Ground wire

1.)To break it down to 110V simply use either the black or red as the hot wire (Lands on brass)
2.)and the white as the neutral wire. (lands on silver screw of device)
3.) use the bare or green wire to land on the green screw of device

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