Do I Need A Special Tool To Connect Wire To A Wire Con 15a 125v Receptacle?


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Sorry, but Clay58 is apparently unfamiliar with this type, brand of receptacle. Its an all-in-one unit with screw down "ear flaps" that enable it to be mounted anywhere in a wall cavity, no studs required, no box either. These "ear flaps" grip the wallboard from the back as you are tightening down the screws located in the front of the unit, and hold the unit securely in place. There is a plastic back cover that snaps to the box after the wires have been pushed into place to enclose the unit. My observation is that these are being used extensively in newer mobile/modular home wiring. But to answer your question, no "special tools" required. After you remove a section of the exterior wire sheathing to expose the insulated wires, you can use a flat screwdriver to push them into the slots to secure them. The metal keepers in the unit's slots are sharp and cut through the wire insulation to make the electrical contact as you are pushing them down into place. The units are marked for black wire, white wire and the center connector for the ground wires. Pulling them loose from these inner connections, is another matter all together. From my experience, these inner connectors come loose from their plastic box, so use care if you must remove the wires once they are in place. And always, ALWAYS make sure that you have turned the power off at the circuit panel box First, before working on any electrical receptacles or switches!!!
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No you just need a screwdriver and possibly a wire stripper. Strip the wire back 3/4 inch and wrap the wire around the proper screw making sure it completely goes around the screw. Black goes to gold, white to silver, green or copper to ground. Tighten the screws as much as you can. The wires must be fully under the screw and very tight.

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