Just Bought Bedroom Comforter - Chocolate Brown And Aqua - Large Sections Of Each Colour. What Would Be A Suitable Wall Colour? Thanks


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My comforter is chocolate brown.  I bought aqua pillows with these four different colors in them:  Dark brown, dark beige, light beige with a gold tone.  Our carpet is medium beige.  We did have chocolate brown walls, but are now painting them a neutral beige color because the brown can be overwhelming sometimes and we are ready for a change.  When you have chocolate brown walls, it is more difficult to primer and paint it a different color when you do want to make any kind of change on your walls.  (also you would need to put up crown molding because it's very difficult to blend a dark brown wall color into a lighter ceiling color without it looking like you painted it yourself.  Trust me on this one, I know...  I think with a neutral wall color (and even a dark floor color) would go well with browns, blues and an accent color like silver or gold.  Having the neutral color walls would allow you to bring a lot of different accent pieces in (i.e. A silver or gold mirror, vases, pillows, etc.)  Good luck!  It is definitely a pretty color combination and very peaceful and calming for a bedroom.
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I would say Aqua or Beige. Take care.
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Thank-you for your prompt comment. I will get some samples of both colours and hopefully something will work out.

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