How Do You Fit A Wall Mounted Bath Tap?


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Wall mounted bath taps are those taps which are attached to the wall of the bathroom. Today you have a wide variety of taps to choose from. You can fit a wall mounted tap yourself if you are very handy with such tools. It is a little complex procedure and not everyone is aware of it.

First you would have to get a connection from the water source to the bathroom and that too internally. After that you would have to make a small hole to fit the tap that you have selected. Remember that the hole is to be made where you want the tap to be placed and the connection from the water source should already be brought to this place so that the connection and the tap can be joined to each other.

Then check out if the water is coming out of the tap. Your job of fitting a wall mounted tap is over. But instead of going through all these effort just get a good plumber. He is the expert on such things and would do them in a much better manner than you ever can. Moreover he would also know how to look after the beauty of the bathroom and see that he does not spoil the look of the bathroom with his works.

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