How Do You Fit A Fireback?


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Are firebricks any good in stopping wall erosion in the hearth
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A fireback is an appliance which is fixed in the hearths. The use of firebacks does protect the wall from decaying or spoiling. There are different types of fire back available in the market. One of the most commonly used fire back is iron fireback. Iron fire back is made up of iron, which protects your wall from rotting. You can get different designs carved on the fire back. This designed fireback's makes your hearth look better.

Fixing a fireback depends on its type. There are fireback's that has section provided with it. All you have to do is drill some nails and fix the fireback. With some firebacks, you will have to put a little more efforts to fix it. You may have to drill a hole in the fireback itself. There is one more type of fireback; this fireback has two perpendicular rods that enable it to stand vertical. You can also keep wood and burn fire on those two rods

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